This is Trondheim

by Concrete Steps

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Debut album. Out on 12" Vinyl the 30th of may


released May 26, 2015

Recorded by Christoffer Sandstrøm At UFFA Greittja studios in december 2014.

Mixed and Mastered by Pål Gaupseth at Nordstern in January 2015



all rights reserved


Concrete Steps Trondheim, Norway

Four dudes, Fast tunes!

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Track Name: City Suicide
Guided by streetlights paving my way
Down to the city where I'll spend my day
Hoping to find whatever i need
Shop till i drop yeah that's my speed

We`re going away...
Another city suicide
We`re going away...
another casuality

Windows are covered with paper and signs
This sight is marking the change of the times
The city is dying right on it's feet
The new shoppingmall is where they all meet
Track Name: Big Fish
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf with no fuckin teeth
Thinking that you're better than any one you meet
If you go too far out no one cares what you're aboug
Just another face on the street

This is Trondheim, not NYC
This is Trondheim, not NYC

Claiming in a one street hood flash
your style you're no good
Think you have it but you don't have shit

Leader of the pack in a one street hood
You don't understand that you're no good
Parading your shit like you own the world
Acting like the law is your word
When in fact you just are burned
Everybody knows you just are burned
Track Name: Consume
total empowerment of the mind
The eyes are fed and lies are sold
Feeding of the masses in control
Bleeding of the wallets no control

We`re all products of the world
Consume me

The price is right don't argue
Highest standard lowest cost
Total package all is spent
Nothing spared top shelf stuff

We`re all products of the world
Consume me

Take it all all consume
Eat it whole wholesale stock
Force it down down your throat
Sweat it out out your pores
Track Name: Latch
Feel it tighten
Breathe in deep
Fear is finite
It will pass
Track Name: 15 minutes
Just when things got stale
A new tune spins in the air
What's the name - who's the band
Finally some new jams

Keep playing while ya can
Soon it's over enjoy it now
Suddenly someone new
Takes your minutes away from you

Release a demo - get the creds
Play some shows
Spread the word - drop a vinyl
Track Name: Concrete Steps
Go to the show
Not knowing why
Lost your money to the door
See us stomp bring it down

Can't sing can't play we do it anyway
can't write can't think
second verse was same as first
have fun don't care just fucking go

You will smile and cheer
Dance to the concrete beat

Concrete steps : we'll play the show
We'll dance along
We'll make it right
If we don't well maybe next time

Concrete steps : we got the tunes
We'll erase the blues
We'll fuckin try at least

Trondheim hardcore
trondheim hardcore
Track Name: Shutdown
I don't wanna go outside today
I just wanna stay in
My couch is as far as I'll go
I know the sun's up and shining
I don't wanna be here today
I'll just end jp cfying

I just wanna I just wanna
I just wanna I just wanna

I wanna shutdown
Shutdown my life

I'm not depressed in any way
Just don't feel like having fun today
I just wanna stay in
And let my favorite records spin
I swear I'll go out the next day
I just need to be alone today
Track Name: Never Be
Walk in packs trendy shine
Big egos small narrow minds
True friendship never ever ends
Until the next fucking trend

Never be never be...

Yearning to be so fucling unique
More uniformed than the fascist elite
Wake up and stop bashing your head
Think for yourself and decide who you'll be

Same coats - equal style
Sidecombed hair - lightning teeth
It's important to be yourself
No one sees the difference - total clone
Track Name: It Never Ends
it never ends...

Dragging out the time
Endless boring ride
Filling up my head
Total useless waste

It never ever ends..
Track Name: Keyboard Warrior / My Songs
Safely hiding behind your keyboard pad
Behind your screen
Easy to attack when you're unseen
Against the world

If you must comment on events
face it up don't hide away and laugh it up

Safe to say this means war
Behind your screen
Keyboard warrior what a man
All alone


you like your songs to be epic and clean
I like my songs to be short and mean
You love the songs that are 15 minutes long
I fit two records in the time of one song

I agree with the point that you make
That people have different taste
It's not for me the progressive stuff
I love hardcore the love that's for me

i try to write longer
But i find no words

I like my songs short and mean
Track Name: No Difference

i don't care if ya have a moustache and a clit
If you're nice to me that's fuckin it
I'll be your friend till the very end
As long as you are my friend

I don't care if ya have tits and a dick
We'll high 5 and it'll fuckin stick
Everyone will be reckoned
No one comes second

You're no different different than me
Got a heart - even the blind can see
Injustice no justice for the sexes
Break the borders of the genders
I don't mind tits and a mustache

Can't we all just get along
And when we're done with this song
Let's have at it everyone
Party time with all of us

For me there is no difference

Why can't we just get along?